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What is precision stamping and ordinary stamping
Precision stamping and ordinary stamping are essentially different, precision stamping refers to a variety of materials punched out by precision press, the precision stamping itself has higher accurac
High-speed precision press basic maintenance and repair
A, the oil system 1, whether the oil leakage 2, the oil pressure is normal 3, the tubing is aging or broken (should check the tubing once a month) 4, clean the oil supply system 5, Pressure is normal
Punch slider travel and the number of trips
Punch slider stroke refers to the punch slider from the top dead center to the distance between the bottom dead center, under normal circumstances, used to blanking and punching punch does not require
How to judge the quality of punch
First of all, the press as the mainstream of stamping process equipment, in the production process, will have a strong punch force, and punch is a relatively long life of the equipment, so the punch i
High-speed punch auxiliary equipment maintenance and care?
High-speed punch auxiliary equipment maintenance and repair include: CNC indexing head, automatic tool change device, hydraulic pressure system maintenance and care.   1.CNC indexing head maintenance
What is pneumatic punch?
The so-called pneumatic punch press is the use of high-pressure gas compressor, the compressed gas through the pipeline to the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve through the foot switch to control the
China machine tool industry status quo and future development
Currently engaged in machine remanufacturing in China, there are three main types of power: professional machine remanufacturing enterprises, such as the Ministry of Industry and included in the machi
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