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Select the right punch need to consider what factors?

Punch is a stamping press, in the national production, the stamping process than the traditional machinery for the future because there is material and energy conservation, high efficiency, low technical requirements of the operator and can be made through a variety of mold applications machining Unattainable products these advantages, so its use is more and more widely.
First of all, we must clearly use the purpose of the punch, the popular is that you use the punch used to process what products. Therefore, in addition to fully understand the processing methods, methods of operation, punching function, technical trends, etc., but also should correctly grasp the situation and trends in the market. However, due to the processing method, the function of the press is very complicated and difficult to understand, in many cases are not really understand the purpose of the use of choice punch.
In particular, no errors are allowed when choosing a punch press for rationalization. Wrong choice will result in lower punching efficiency and may result in wasted equipment investment.
Punch capacity has three elements:
1. Pressure capacity: refers to the slider in the bottom dead center mm position, can produce tons of pressure, the pressure is also known as "nominal pressure" or "capacity", the unit is expressed in tons.
2. Torque ability: refers to the location of the pressure capacity, that is, at the bottom dead center mm is also known as "capacity point", the unit is expressed in mm.
3. Working capacity: refers to the maximum effective capacity of a trip process, the unit to kg-m said.
Use the appropriate punch
 1. Correctly determine the processing methods and methods of operation:
(1) Correctly determine the processing methods and engineering There are various methods of stamping, and sometimes in the stamping process and cutting. When selecting a punch press, you should first review whether the desired machining method is a suitable machining method for the target product and is the appropriate number of machining operations. Such as the decision of processing methods, the type of punch should be selected will be roughly decided.
(2) The degree of production The choice of general-purpose press or automatic press is based on the amount of production to decide, but basically should consider the necessary amount necessary to maintain the proper stock, and not only for now, but also Should consider the future production volume market situation, technical trends.
(3) The shape, quality and size of the material The shape and quality of the material should be decided in accordance with the processing method, operating rate and material utilization ratio. Depending on the shape of the material is any one of the coil or length or semi-processed products, and its size, its methods of operation are also very different.
(4) How to supply material, remove the product and dispose of the waste
 (5) how to use the die buffer
2, choose the punch capacity for processing
(1) calculate the processing pressure and processing pressure stroke curve
(2) eccentric load, the degree of concentration load
(3) Calculate the reduction in the effective capacity of the die buffer
3, a clear product size accuracy
The necessary accuracy of a processed product is determined by the use of the product and its connection to the next project. In the actual stamping process with the thickness of the material, the billet (extrusion processing) of the volume, material (with the deformation resistance and the degree of lubrication, etc.) deviation and with the production, the mold wear and tear And so lead to poor processing accuracy for many reasons.