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High performance, high strength, low price ----- Cost-effective new models

How to choose a good punch should be considered from several aspects?
Punch type is multi-clock variety, the type of choice is mainly based on finished stamping materials, specifications, finished product size, size, requirements of these comprehensively selected. Punch
Select the right punch need to consider what factors?
Punch is a stamping press, in the national production, the stamping process than the traditional machinery for the future because there is material and energy conservation, high efficiency, low techni
Machine tool companies in the persistent look forward to turning point
In the past few years, negative factors such as overcapacity, stock pressure, shortage of funds and a sluggish economic environment have always been with China's machine tool industry. For more than t
The next five years will be a critical period for the upgrading of the manufacturing industry
As CPPCC members arrived in Beijing one after another, reporters learned that the focus of members this year has been on reform, development and people's livelihood. The proposals are also more closel
China machine tool industry status quo and future development
Currently engaged in machine remanufacturing in China, there are three main types of power: professional machine remanufacturing enterprises, such as the Ministry of Industry and included in the machi
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